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Private Tutoring for High School Students  in a Range of STEM Subjects With Our Top Tier Tutors From Around the USA

Meditation &


Guided Meditations, Stress Management Workshops, Intention-Setting, Breathing Techniques, and More



Studying Techniques and Evidence-Based Memory Consolidation from Trained Learning Strategists



Guest Speakers from a Wide Variety of Professions, College Application Workshops, Collaborative Discussions, and Real World Skills Acquisition

College & Career


College and Career Advice from Trained and Credentialed Guidance Counselors,

Interactive Q&A Sessions,

Life-Planning Workshops

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Our Mission

At Holistic Learning, we recognize that success is more than just a perfect transcript. By offering a wide range of services to high school students, we hope to prepare them for college, jobs, and all of the challenges they may face along the way. We know that students who are healthy, happy, and stress-free are much more receptive to new knowledge, so we aim to equip them with the tools they need to manage their many obligations while prioritizing their own happiness and well being. Our sincere wish is for our integrative education model to create a generation of driven, purposeful, and happy young people who are ready to take on the many issues our world faces.


We are Eli and Kush. For the past decade, we've both strived for happier, healthier lives, and have seen how being stress-free can lead to both academic and professional success. So we came together and founded Holistic Learning with the aim of sharing these tools with students in an integrated way. We hope to foster a better world by supporting bright young minds in their academic, professional, and personal journeys. We believe wholeheartedly in your student, and we hope you'll join us and enjoy all that Holistic Learning has to offer!

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Check out some of our content to see what Holistic Learning has to offer. Our videos are specially designed to keep high school students engaged and to teach them the skills they need to be successful in a competitive world.