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Our Mission

At Holistic Learning, we want to help create a generation of driven, purposeful, and happy young people who are ready to take on the many issues our world faces. We know that this is only possible if students have the tools they need to navigate college, jobs, and life itself. So we offer a wide range of services across multiple domains; academics, wellness, and career development. By integrating these services, our Holistic Learning model helps high school students grow to realize their full potential, and provides them with tools to learn more, learn better, and enjoy the process of learning.

Math Notebook and Calculator

By offering 1-on-1 tutoring sessions with top tier tutors, we aim to provide students with both the knowledge they need to succeed in their classes, and the tools they need to thrive academically beyond high school.



Good Grades

Learning, like everything, is a skill that can be honed over time. Our trained learning strategist provides students with evidence based note-taking techniques, study strategies, and problem solving approaches which can help them learn more easily, efficiently, and


Learning Strategies

Our mindfulness meditation courses, goal-setting sessions, and stress management seminars are designed to help students find peace and calm, which will prepare them to take on challenges with confidence and resolve. At Holistic learning, we believe that a centered mind is a prerequisite for true success.

Meditation & Wellness

Guidance Counselling

Making decisions about the future is one of the hardest things that students have to do as they near the end of their secondary education. By offering seminars with guidance counsellors, we hope to give students the decision-making frameworks they need to choose their ideal path. Our counsellors emphasize getting in touch with oneself in order to find purpose and satisfaction in life pursuits.

Career Development

From choosing a college major to finding a fulfilling professional path, decisions about the future can be daunting and stressful. Through career seminars with experts in a multitude of fields, group sessions with highly trained guidance counselors, and structured future planning sessions, Holistic Learning equips students with the skills and confidence they need to find their unique path in life.