Our Team


Eli M.


Chief Wellness Officer

Hey there! My name is Eli. My background is in cognitive neuroscience and I have spent the last decade exploring the human mind from different perspectives. Doing behavioral, biological, and educational research has helped me discover some of the fundamental truths about learning, attention, and memory. In my own life, I've done thousands of hours of yoga and meditation, helping me to see more clearly the way that my own mind works. I hope to share what I've learned with everyone at Holistic Learning, and to continue my exploration in the process!

Kush P.


Chief Learning Officer

Hi! I'm Kush. I have a background in Physiology and Neuroscience and am currently pursuing a career in the field of medicine. I am very interested in how the brain works and am passionate about applying what I learn to make studying more fun and manageable for students at every point in their education. Throughout my college years, I helped hundreds of students achieve their academic aspirations through my role as a tutor, study group leader, learning strategist, and a peer mentor to those with neurological disabilities.

College & Career Counselor

Jess S.

Hi, I’m Jess! I have worked in the fields of education and mental health for over a decade, most recently as a high school counselor and college academic advisor. One of the most rewarding aspects of my career is supporting students in achieving their goals, especially getting accepted to college, and celebrating their success. My orientation to counseling is student-centered, meaning that I value building relationships, understanding your needs and goals, and co-creating a plan with you. I believe that academic success must be achieved in tandem with social-emotional wellness, and that every person has something unique and valuable to bring to their community and the world. My wish is to help you discover what that is for you. I am looking forward to joining you on your journey!


TUTORING , online education , Teaching T

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