1-on-1 Tutoring sessions with top-tier tutors in an array of STEM subjects

Flexible, remote, and personalized academic support

Holistic Tutoring approach incorporates learning and problem-solving skills that benefit learning in all future coursework.

Student Behind the Books

Learning Strategies

Weekly sessions from a trained learning strategist.

Evidence based note-taking techniques, study strategies, and problem solving approaches.

Learning how to learn more easily, efficiently, and effectively.

Meditation by the Sea

Meditation & Wellness

Mindfulness meditation courses for increased peace, calm, and concentration.


Goal-setting sessions for managing stress and creating purpose.


Stress-reduction seminars for learning and sharing destressing skills and techniques.

Q&A Seminar


Weekly career seminars with leading experts from a wide variety of professions.


Interactive self-development workshops.

Facilitated future-planning sessions for personal, academic, and professional growth.

Help, support, advice, guidance, assista

Guidance Counselling

Group sessions with highly trained guidance counselors and college advisors.

Development of SMART goals and career interests.

College admissions advice considering both academic and extracurricular pursuits.